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Brickwork Pointing | Repointing | Brickwork Cleaning | Repairs

Brickwork | Pointing | Re-pointing | Cleaning | & Repairs



Brief Overview Of Services

Services We Can Provide:

  • Brickwork Pointing
  • Brickwork Re-pointing
  • Brickwork Cleaning
  • Brick Repairs / Crack Repairs

Experienced Qualified Staff:

  • NVQ Qualified Bricklayers
  • Brickwork Specialists
  • CSCS Trained Workforce
  • Small Tools Trained Staff


  • Domestic – Residential
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Health care & Education
  • New Build – Brick Slip Systems


Our Re-Pointing Process

Step 1: Grind out brickwork

Using a combination of grinding discs, mortar raker’s and special brickwork raking joint attachments, Advanced will grind all existing joints to a minimum depth of 25mm being careful not to damage the brickwork of the property. We strongly recommend only professionals carry this task out to reduce the risk of permanent or costly damage.

Step 2: Pressure wash

To remove any dust, mortar, mould, moss clean the brickwork and dampening joints to prepare for re-pointing.

Step 3: Re-pointed by professional bricklayers

No cheating, machines or pointing guns, the absolutely best professional and most original re-pointing finish can only be achieved by the hand of skilled bricklayers firmly filling and finishing every brick joint to a new build standard.

Step 4: Treat the brickwork area

The final task is to add a masonry water seal to the brickwork which with give your brickwork:

  1. ✓ Water protection, stops structural damage to your brickwork caused by water retention and freezing
  2. ✓ Protects your building from weathering and the destructive effects of this “lateral” penetrating damp.
  3. ✓ Reduce the effects of moulds, mosses, weathering and efflorescence on your masonry.
  4. ✓ Reduces heat loss through your walls. By reducing the moisture levels within the walls of your property, a water seal treatment can reduce a home heat loss by up to 30% and as a result can significantly reduce both your energy costs and your carbon foot print.


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